• The Millard Sheets Gallery Presents: “Art Treasures From the Attic”

    “The artist’s world is limitless. It can be found anywhere…”
Paul Strand


    Some of the most creative and unusual pieces of art can be found hidden among the dust and clutter in the attics and basements of the artists who created them. More than 6 years of gathering these treasures has culminated in one extraordinary and inspiring exhibit. Everyday materials, ordinary objects, unusual collections, and cast off pieces filtered through creative minds and skilled hands will become an exhibit of artistic creations as varied in visual beauty and personal interpretation as the artists themselves.

    Expect the unexpected and prepare to be inspired as you stroll through setting after setting; each created especially for the artwork and artist it showcases. The settings themselves will become a form of art. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into a dusty attic or a forgotten basement as you discover how the artists see what lies within the objects that inspire them, how they work to share an interpretation with others, and what moves them to create. Have fun exploring hands-on examples of ordinary items or unexpected mediums that can be used to create unusual pieces.

    Fair guests of all ages will be inspired by the creative demonstrations presented by more than 60 different artists throughout the Fair. Simple, yet engaging, workshops will also be available for the young and young-at-heart. Maybe you’ll be inspired to discover the art just waiting to be created in your own home or backyard.

    Master storyteller, Jim Cogan, will once again enthrall guests with lively stories about the artists, their lives, and their work. Take a seat, relax, and let yourself soak in the inspiration.
    These are just some of the unique pieces and collections you’ll find in our gallery:

    1. American Art Stones (i.e. Featuring a grouping of tabletop to monolithic sized natural art stones mounted on hand crafted

    2. Whimsical sculptures made from found metal objects (i.e. Pots, pans, farm tools, etc.) 

    3. Wood assemblages carved into brilliant sculptures (i.e. Figurative animal abstract art)
    4. Animated shadow boxes from around the world
    5. Miniature sized intricate Italian porcelain horse drawn
carriages and figurines
    6. Unique art made from common objects presented in
uncommon ways
 (i.e. World War II aviation art
    7. View Sculptures cast in bronze and plated metals by
    8. Enjoy kinetic art pieces such as whirligigs and other
wind-driven pieces

    “Art Treasures From the Attic” will inspire us to take a closer look at what we normally take for granted, and to enjoy the beauty in the ordinary and everyday (and sometimes dust-covered) world around us.


    LOCATION: The Millard Sheets Center for the Arts is located on the grounds of Fairplex in Pomona 1101 W. McKinley Ave., Pomona, CA 91768
    HOURS: Open during the L.A. County Fair Aug. 30 – Sept. 29, 2013 
    CONTACT: Amy Pond - Phone: 909-865-4043 Fax: 909- 629-2067 Email:
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