• Plein Air Painters of California, The Southland

    California Watercolor

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Plein Air Painters of California, The Southland

220 pages, 220 illustrations, hardcover, NEW (sealed) - $125.00

Ruth Westphal

The first of two volumes on California's impressionist artists of 1890-1930, this volume focuses on painters living and working in Southern California from Los Angeles to San Diego. Covering lives and works of better known painters such as Maurice Braun, Edgar Payne, Guy Rose, George Gardner Symons and William Wendt, it also reveals the equally impressive work of lesser-known artists such as Joseph Kleitsch, Alfred Mitchell and Hanson Puthuff. Included are essays by several authorities including Nancy Moure, former assistant curator of American Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Martin E. Petersen, Curator of American Paintings, San Diego Museum of Art, and Thomas K. Enman, Director Emeritus of the Laguna Art Museum.