• Millard Sheets, The Formative Years

    California Watercolor

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An article taken from New York Times critic Arthur Miller, April 28, 1929

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As a young artist starting out, Millard Sheets was indeed fortunate to have been in Los Angeles, for it was there that he found enthusiastic support and encouragement from teacher, friends, and associates. Perhaps his greates support came from Losa Angeles Times art critic Arthur Miller, who immediately recognized Sheets' talent, and who, over several decades, wrote some of the best criticism of his work. Sheets's first public and commercial exhibition was held at the Newhouse Galleries the spring of 1929. He ws just shy of his twenty-second birthday. Millier's critical preview of the show, published the day before the opening, was most perceptive. Reading his words today, sixty one years later, and with our knowledge of how Sheets developed over those years, it is, indeed, amazing how true Millier's comments were in describing his work then and, at the same time, how those words became a phrophecy of what the future would hold. 

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