• Little Toot, The Restored Classic

    California Watercolor

  • $17.99


90 pages, by Hardie Gramatky

50 color illustrations, 10 black and white illustrations

Hardcover - $17.99 

LITTLE TOOT the tugboat doesn't want to work. He has too much fun gliding over the calm river and playing thread-the-needle around the docks. The other boats are tired of his antics, but when an ocean liner gets into trouble in the middle of a fierce storm, Little Toot has a chance to prove himself. Will he, of all tugs, be able to save the day?

Using archived forst editions and Hardie Gramatky's original paintings, this Restored Classic edition gives the much-loved tale of Little Toot its original richness of color, which had been lost through almost seven decades in print. It also features several of the artist's full-color manuscript sketches, never before seen in print, and reintroduces the book's exquisite original endpapers.

A fitting tribute to one of America's premiere watercolorists on the 100th anniversary of his birth. 

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