• Deep Canyon Memories

    Glen Knowles

    23 x 18 inches

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Biography: Glen Knowles (Born 1952) A third generation southern Californian whose family settled in Long Beach in 1909. During the 1920’s his grandfather owned and operated the Silverado mine on Saddleback Mountain in Orange County. In the 1960’s his father was instrumental in introducing Kiwi fruit to America. Knowles graduated from...... read more

A California art print on Arches watercolor paper. 100% archival, and printed in HD.

For many years our group of plein air watercolor artists donned homemade painting backpacks and hiked up into remote canyons in the San Gabriel Mountains. Without a trail we often made progress by following streams and stepping from rock to rock. The rewards were motifs of pristine nature seldom seen by others, great paintings and exciting shared adventures. This painting is a synthesis of my memories of those adventures.

Glen Knowles