• Emil Kosa Jr.

    California Watercolor

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71 pages, by Gordon T. McClelland

88 color illustrations, hardcover - $35.00 

Emil Kosa Jr. was born in Paris, received an art education in Prague, Paris and Los Angeles and resided in Southern California throughout his career. In the 1930s he became nationally recognized as a leading figure in the development of the California Style of watercolor painting. During the 1940s he established a regional reputation for producing California plein air paintings, done with oils on canvas. Through the 1950s and into the early 1960s he was Southern California’s premier portrait artist and received an Oscar from the motion picture industry for his concept contributions and art in the field of special effects.

Often Kosa focused his attention on depicting dramatically lit scenes. Many of his paintings feature abstract patterns of light, reflecting off structures or flowing across the ground. Usually these were set off by deep shadows. Other works capture stormy skies, shafts of light through the clouds or falling sheets of rain, lit from behind.

This book chronologically records the oil and watercolor paintings Kosa produced during the various phases of his career. It includes 88 color illustrations documenting important works and presents aspects of his personal and professional life from each era.

California Watercolor - California Art Book