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Sid Bingham (Contemporary) Sid Bingham's interest in art first started during his senior year in college. Looking for an ‚"Easy A" class, he signed up for Watercolor 101 with Jim Green. Sid was immediately captivated by the power and magic of the medium.

Sid studied with Green, a renowned watercolorist, for two years, and then traveled abroad with Green to paint in Europe. Jim Green instilled a love and respect for the art of watercolors, as well as a strong sense of design.

After graduating from Principia College, Sid followed in his mentor's footsteps and attended Art Center College of Design.

Sid continues his love of watercolors to this day producing paintings for corporate offices and restaurants, as well as fine art paintings of figures, landscapes, and still-lifes. Painting while traveling is also a favorite.

Over his professional career Sid has illustrated and designed for Disney, Walt Disney Imagineering, Disney Motion Picture Promotions, Universal Studios, Thinkwell, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, BRC, Contour, the LA Dodgers, the Harlem Globetrotters, Toyota, AT&T and various Fortune 500 companies.

Sid has taught at Art Center College of Design for over 20 years. He also teaches private and group watercolor classes.

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Interview with Sid Bingham, 2011

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