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Ruth Manerva Bennett (1899-1960). Painter, Craftsman, wood -carver. Born in Momence, IL on Feb. 11, 1899. Bennett studied at ASL in NYC, Chouinard and Otis Art Institutes in Los Angeles, and with Emily Mocine, Armin Hansen, George Bridgman, John Carlson, Karoly Fulop, E. Vysekal, R. Schroeder, and M. Sheets. She taught woodcarving at El Monte Union High School and Los Angeles public school, and won many awards in Southern California during the 1920s-1930s. Bennett died in LA on July 21, 1960. Exhibited: Calif. Art Club, 1925-1933; Painters & Sculptors of LA, 1926-1932; Younger Painters of LA; 1929; California Water Color Society, 1931-1933; Oakland Art Gallery, 1932

Biography courtesy of Artist in California, 1786-1940

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