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Ruth Lotan (1917-1971) A "Classic-Traditional" painter, Mrs. Lotan preferred to work in water color, though occasionally in oil. She worked her way through college at Indiana State Teachers College by doing commercial work. She studied art in the studio of Frederick Mizen, Chicago, and with Phil Schroeder of the Chicago Art Institute. Ruth Lotan was a member of the Illinois Art Association and her work was exhibited in their Chicago exhibitions, and was represented by the Allen Art Gallery.

Ruth Lotan was connected with the George Walter Vincent Smith Gallery in Springfield, Massachusetts and held private classes in oil painting at her home in Prescott, Arizona, where she lived with her artist-husband, Lotan Lotan.

Ruth Lotan was commissioned to do a series of paintings of children and dogs for the Louis F. Dow Co., and other commissions have come from the U.S. Army for portraits of various Army officers, as well as a series of paintings depicting WAC's at work These later paintings were exhibited at the Pentagon Building. She was a reporter for a Phoenix newspaper, and in 1971 committed suicide in Cave Creek, where the couple also lived.

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