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Lawrence Murphy (1872-1947) Born in Denver, CO on Sept. 14, 1872. Murphy grew up in Denver as the son of a wealthy banker who disinherited him after he chose an art career. Sailing for Paris, he studied at Académie Julian and in NYC with Bridgman and DuMond. He came to California in 1915 to attend the PPIE and opted to remain. Settling in Los Angeles, he taught at the ASL, UCLA, and at the Chouinard Art School from 1926 until his death on Sept. 9, 1947. His work was considered very modern and daring by the art standards of 1915. Exh: Calif. Art Club, 1915; LACMA, 1921 (with Nick Brigante); Independent Artists of LA, 1923; Laguna Beach AA, 1937; DeYoung Museum, 1947 (memorial). In: Orange Co. (CA) Museum.


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California Watercolor