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Kenny is and will always be the love of my life, the other piece of my heart and soul. He completes me and makes me the woman I am today. He has the biggest heart, when he smiles, he smiles with his soul. Kenny is the reason I smile with my soul. We were high school sweet hearts and knew we were goners. I've been with him more than half of my life, we knew what each other was thinking. The way he looked at me made me feel like I was the most beautiful and amazing person in this whole entire world. He is and will continue to be my rock! I knew we could take on the world together. Kenny is the most loving, kindest, sweetest, strongest, honest, giving, loyalist...and humblest man I have ever known. I am so proud of the man he is today. Kenny was so infectious, anyone who met him instantly loved him. He could make everyone smile and laugh so hard you couldn't breath. 

I have so many wonderful and forever lasting memories with Kenny. We always kissed and said I love you whenever we left the room (no matter what) and we never ever went to bed angry. I loved just being with him and talking about everything and anything with him. We didn't need anything but each other! He was always so full of love and life and so spontaneous. Kenny always wanted to be on the go; whether we walked, ran, skated or beach cruised with our doggies. We both loved the ocean and found serenity every time we went there; whether it was to surf, body surf, swim, surf fish, watch the sunrise and sunset, picnics, listen to him play his guitar or to play soccer/wiffle ball/football with the niece and nephews. The ocean was and will always be a huge part of our life. It is so peaceful and I can always feel his love and arms around me. The ocean helped to heal him through his first battle with cancer and difficult times and now it can help me through this very tough and unbearable time. Another one of my favorite memories was when we drove his 1967 Lowrider Chevy Impala from San Francisco to Oceanside along the coast. Mother nature was so beautiful...the sunrises and sunsets we saw, we talked and talked for hours about everything and nothing, we laughed and we cried. I will never forget all of our fun road trips. We just loved every second we were together. I love and miss Kenny so so so much!!!!! Kenny is my eternal companion and I cannot wait to be in his arms again.

He lived his life to the fullest with no regrets. Kenny's legacy will forever live on through everyone whoever met him.

Robin McCorristin

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