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Jules Rauschert (1896-1975) Jules Rauschert was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and showed considerable artistic talent at an early age, which encouraged his father to take him to Chicago to study at the Chicago Art Institute and the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. While in Chicago, Rauschert became associated with the Walter Grauman studio commercially under the name of J. Karl.

In 1923, he moved to Paris to paint; however most of his work, especially watercolors, were painted in Brittany where he developed his outstanding watercolor technique for which he is perhaps best recognized. After two years in France, he moved to Germany to study at the School of Fine Arts in Munich under Karl von Maar.

In 1926, he returned to Chicago to continue his studies at the Art Institute and to further his commercial art career. His first major exhibit was a one-man show in march, 1930 at the Chicago Art Institute.

After a brief return to Europe, he moved to New York City in the mid-thirties and became associated with the well-known Byron Musser studio as their principal artist. He had several Collier's and Saturday Evening Post covers to his credit plus numerous book illustrations.

His fine art work was exhibited at several Manhattan galleries and in the Brooklyn Art Museum. He became a member of the exclusive Salmagundi Club, which was a haven for many well-known East Coast artists. His work was exhibited at the Club starting in 1951.

In his later years he focused on portrait painting and experimented with surrealism. His works are in private collections and museums in the United States and abroad.


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