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Joseph Knowles (1907-1980) born: Kendall, MT; Studied: Santa Barbara School of the Arts; Member: California Watercolor Society. Joseph Knowles grew up in San Diego. When Knowles was twenty years old, he moved to Santa Barbara and studied art with Frank Morley Fletcher. He then traveled to Italy, France and England where he continued his art education.

In the 1930s, he returned to Santa Barbara, established himself as a fine art painter and designer, and began exhibiting his watercolor paintings. For many years, he taught art at the University of California, Santa Barbara and served as a president and co-director of the fine arts department at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. He was also an accomplished oil painter, printmaker, designer and muralist, and did several large stained glass windows for public and private buildings.

Biographical information:

Studio 2 Gallery, Santa Barbara, 1985.

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