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Joseph Emil Morhardt (1906-1987) Painter. Born in Pasadena, CA on March 17, 1906. 'Aim Morhardt graduated from Long Beach High School and spent most of his youth in the Los Angeles area. During the 1920s he earned a master's degree in music. In the 1930s he accompanied writer Zane Grey to Tahiti as his photographer. In 1938 he studied painting with Ben Morris and then painted representational watercolors and oils of the area near his home. He and artist John Hilton both sang and played instruments; they made for a lively party around the evening campfires in Death Valley. Morhardt was a resident of Bishop, CA until his demise on April 16, 1987. Invw; The Sierra Reader, 4-1-1999 (obit).

Source: Artists in California 1786 - 1940, by Edan Hughes

California Watercolor