• Hardie Gramatky's "Compo Beach Figures"

    Westporters called him “neighbor.”

    Though world-renowned, Gramatky loved painting local scenes. Compo Beach was a special place for him and his family. In 1971 he produced a watercolor called “Compo Beach Figures.” 

    Hardie Gramatky: "Compo Beach Figures"

    After winning an award in 1974, the work was purchased by Joan Neff and Fred Shearer. In 1979 they presented it to the town of Westport, as a gift.

    Three months later, Gramatky died of cancer.

    Hardie Gramatky at work.

    Hardie Gramatky at work.

    That’s the background on “Compo Beach Figures.” But Linda Smith — Gramatky’s daughter — wants to know more.

    She’d love to find out about Neff and Shearer, the couple who gave the painting to the town. She’d also like to find out who posed for the painting.

    Meanwhile, for a close-up look at “Compo Beach Figures,” visit the Westport Historical Society. It’s one of 45 Westport works on display there through January 4.

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    Westport Historical Society

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