• VISIONS OF CALIFORNIA, The Story of California Scene Painting 1925 - 1950

    California Watercolor

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DVD - 84 minutes

PART 1- A Vision Unfolds

PART 2- Visions of a Changing Land

PART 3- Visions of Social Change



On the West Coast of the United States, a remarkable mix of influences combined during the second quarter of the 20th century to produce a rich and vivid body of regional art – an artistic treasure that is now being rediscovered in California and across the nation.

The decades of the 1930’s and 1940’s marked a turning point in American art. The social and economic upheaval brought about by the Great Depression caused many American artists to reject European influences and to seek distinctively “American” themes and idioms. The resulting phenomenon, known as American Scene Painting spurred the development of regional schools of art across the country. On the West Coast, the movement produced a distinctive body of art known as California Scene Painting. California artists investigated their surroundings with intense interest, painting every aspect of the visual world, from tenements and trolleys to circuses and citrus groves. They also made a fresh and spontaneous style of watercolor painting one of the hallmarks of the California Scene. 

In this three-part series, producer Paul Bockhorst highlights the work of more than two dozen artists, including such important figures as Millard Sheets, Phil Dike, Ben Messick, Rex Brandt, Emil Kosa Jr., Milford Zornes, Fletcher Martin, John Haley, George Post, Dong Kingman, Lucien Labaudt, and John Langley Howard. Commentators include Paul Karlstrom, Susan Anderson, Harvey Jones, Nanice Lavoos, David Stary Sheets, Palmer Schoppe, Phil Paradise, and Robert Perine. 

California Watercolor - California Art DVD