• DESIGNING WITH NATURE, Arts and Crafts Architecture in Northern California

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DVD - 86 minutes


In Northern California, the Arts and Crafts movement spurred the development of a nature-oriented architecture that has become emblematic of the region and that lives on in the Bay Region Tradition.

DESIGNING WITH NATURE provides a vivid account of a pivotal chapter in the architectural history of Northern California. Set in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the documentary examines the work of several major architects who were influenced by Arts and Crafts ideals, as well as by the reformist ethos of the Progressive Era. These designers sought to create an architecture suited to the landscape, climate, and emerging culture of the region. Rejecting Victorian excess and the artificial separation of art and craft, they strove to create an organic architecture based on unified design and harmony with nature.

Featured architects include Bernard Maybeck, Julia Morgan, Ernest Coxhead, Willis Polk, A.C. Schweinfurth, John Galen Howard, Louis Christian Mullgardt, John Hudson Thomas, and Henry Gutterson. The influential Arts and Crafts proponents Joseph Worcester and Charles Keeler are also highlighted.

Storytellers seen in Designing with Nature include Robert Judson Clark, Richard Longstreth, Kenneth Cardwell, Leslie Freudenheim, Richard Guy Wilson, James Lawrence, and Susan Cerny. The documentary was produced by Emmy Award-winning Producer Paul Bockhorst in cooperation with the Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association. Running time is 86 minutes.

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