• BEAUTIFUL SIMPLICITY, Arts and Crafts Architecture in Southern California

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DVD - 86 minutes


At the turn of the 20th century, Southern California was fertile ground for the Arts & Crafts movement, which called for simple living, closeness to nature, the unification of art and craft, and regionally appropriate forms of architecture.

BEAUTIFUL SIMPLICITY examines the rich body of Arts & Crafts architecture in Southern California, from Santa Barbara to San Diego. It introduces viewers to more than a dozen architects who pursued Arts & Crafts ideals, including Charles and Henry Greene, Irving Gill, Arthur Benton, Summer Hunt, Frederick Roehrig, Louis B. Easton, Sylvanus Marston, Arthur and Alfred Heineman, Frank Mead and Richard Requa.

The influence of prominent Arts and Crafts figures like John Ruskin, William Morris, Gustav Stickley and Elbert Hubbard is considered, along with the advocacy of local leaders like Charles Fletcher Lummis and William Lees Judson. The documentary also highlights the significance of the Craftsman bungalow, which helped democratize home ownership in America. 

Beautiful Simplicity features commentary by Robert Winter, Cheryl Robertson, Richard Guy Wilson, Edward Bosley, Walter Judson, Tim Andersen and Lucinda Cooke. It was produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Paul Bockhorst in cooperation with the Society of Architectural Historians, Southern California Chapter. Running time is 86 minutes.

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