• Charles Keck, Works in Watercolor Vol. 2

    California Watercolor

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Photos of Charles Keck courtesy of National Watercolor Society archives.

32 pages, limited availability.

25 color illustrations, softcover - $19.00 

The California watercolor movement of the 1930s - 1960s is currently enjoying a period of intense rediscovery. With newly emerging scholarship and rising interest among collectors, the rediscovery of a talent such as Charles Keck comes at an opportune moment. Though Keck traveled intermittently throughout his life (Louisiana, Alaska, Mexico, the Caribbean) such travels show up infrequently in his work. In terms of subject matter, Keck was, to his credit, comparatively far less cosmopolitan and much more homespun than many of his contemporaries. Consequently, ninety percent of his output during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s depicts the California scene, which he recorded with broad ranging diversity. With the passage of time, such pictorial documents are now being recognized as important pieces of the Golden State's history.

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