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Lloyd Harting (1901-1974) Lloyd Harting was born in Little Falls, Minnesota, on the first of December in 1901. He attended the College of Engineering at the University of Minnesota, and then studied at the Minneapolis School of Fine Arts. He continued his artistic training at the Chicago Art Institute in Illinois, the Grand Central Art School in New York City, and even attended various art schools in Los Angeles, California throughout his artistic career.

An illustrator, Harting mostly did calendar and direct mail illustration, as well as the more traditional magazine and motion picture illustration. He worked as an illustrator for Brown and Bigelow in St. Paul, Minnesota for thirty years. However, Harting also illustrated for the motion picture industry in both advertising and production. He worked for both 20th Century Fox and Walt Disney Studios for a little over four years each. He illustrated for Disney during the 1940’s, and was one of the Art Directors for Disney’s 1942 acclaimed animated film, Bambi.

Harting was a member of the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, California. He was also commissioned to paint three works for Richard Pourade’s book, Anza Conquers the Desert: The Anza Expeditions from Mexico to California and the Founding of San Francisco: 1774-1776. David J. Weber, Book Review Editor for the Journal of San Diego History noted that “Generally accurate in detail, [the works] help bring the period alive.”

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