Guidelines for Listing Artwork - THE ART MARKET

The data for each product that a seller wishes to list on THE ART MARKET must be kept accurate and complete at all times.

Additionally, the following guidelines apply:

1. All products must comply with the California Watercolor Prohibited Products Policy at all times.

2. Creating a product listing for any other purpose other than to sell a product through THE ART MARKET is prohibited.

3. The use of false, inaccurate, or misleading product identification information, including but not limited to name, description, brand, model, and UPC, in a product listing is prohibited.

4. Creating multiple product listings for a single product is prohibited.

5. Each product listing published in THE ART MARKET must provide: product title, description, size, categories (i.e. art collection, art medium, art style, art price range, art size and orientation), current quantity, price, shipping costs, and variations (if applicable).

6. Product listings must follow these standards:

a) Product listings should be as descriptive as possible, highlighting the features and benefits of an item. Details such as the size and an individual product condition should be completed in the appropriate fields, where applicable.
b) Products should be properly categorized to the most specific category in THE ART MARKET.
c) Products must be placed into the proper style in THE ART MARKET.
d) Product names must be clearly written and must not contain the seller’s name or other contact details, internal identification numbers, or quantity/availability information.
e) Product descriptions should accurately explain the features and benefits of the product and include any required category-specific information.
f) Product variations (for example, color and size) must be grouped under a parent product and not listed individually.
7. Product images must follow these standards:
a) All images must be clear and high resolution and a minimum of 400 x 400 pixels; optimal images are 800 pixels wide.
b) Images cannot contain watermarks or logos.
c) The main product image must fill the entire image area (without a background, and highlighting the artwork). Additional images can show your artwork hanging on a wall, close up, or any other images you believe will highlight your artwork.
8. The product price should not be greater than the price of the same product sold on seller’s own site or any other online sales channels controlled by the seller.

9. The product quantity must be kept accurate and updated a minimum of once per hour.

10. Seller must never list or sell an out-of-stock or discontinued item.

11. Seller must specify the cost of shipping and should not exceed industry-standard rates.

12. Seller must specify accurate lead times and not falsely advertise fast processing times in order to drive purchases. Processing times refers to total calendar days, not business days.

13. The use of any of the following information in product names, descriptions, or images is prohibited:

a) Content in violation of the California Watercolor Prohibited Products Policy.
b) Email addresses, website URLs, phone numbers, physical addresses or any other seller contact information.
c) Any deliberate attempts to provide ordering methods, sales, and discounts off of California Watercolor.
d) Reviews or testimonials.
e) Advertisements or promotional material.
f) Misuse of text capitalization and other visual formatting.
g) Dynamic scripting or other executables.