Guidelines for Listing Artwork - THE ART MARKET

It's easy to list a new painting for sale in THE ART MARKET, simply follow these steps:

  1. Select "PRODUCTS" from the main menu, and then click "Create Product".
  2. Categories - Select at least one box from each category (i.e. Art Collection, Art Medium, Art Style, Art Price Range, & Art Size and Orientation). If applicable you can check more than one box per category, with a maximum of 20 selections per painting. Important note: in order for your artwork to be published you must select the box titled "The Art Market (original art only)". Please Contact if you have suggestions for additional selections.
  3. Product Format - Most artists are interested in selling their physical artwork, so please leave this box unchecked.
  4. Order Fulfillment - Choose between "Manual" or "Automatic" order fulfillment. Manual order fulfillment gives you the ability to pack and ship your painting before marking your order as fulfilled. Once you mark the order as fulfilled your customer will receive an automatic email letting them know their order is on its way. Automatic order fulfillment sends an "order fulfilled" email to your customer at the time of purchase.
  5. Product Title - Give your artwork a descriptive title.
  6. Description - Describe your art in detail, and be sure to use words that will help your potential customers find it online. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing will see your description as well, so make sure to use words like painting, watercolor, oil, fine art, and other popular search terms.
  7. Photos - You can post up to 5 photos of your artwork. Your primary photo must fill the entire image area and should be 800 pixels wide @ 72ppi. Please refrain from using a watermark or logo on the image of your artwork.
  8. Variants - Although you are allowed to have multiple variants per each product the most important variant is the size of your painting (a required variant for all artwork). Select "yes" to enable multiple options and leave "Size" as the default option name. Under option values please type the size of your artwork in a "height by width" format in inches. For example: 22 x 30 inches. Click "Create" and you will see new options for your product variants:
    1. ADD PRICE - Check this box if you want to set a universal price for your variant or leave unchecked to add a custom price in the next step.
    2. ADD COMPARE AT PRICE - Use this option if your artwork is on sale. The "compare at price" is your original asking price.
    3. TRACK INVENTORY - Use if applicable
    4. AUTO FULFILLMENT - Check this box if you would like an "order fulfilled" email to be sent to your customer upon purchase. Leave this box unchecked if you would like to send the customer a tracking # upon shipment.
  9. Price - List your asking price.
  10. Compare At Price - If your artwork is on sale simply list your original asking price here, otherwise leave this section blank.
  11. Tags - Add descriptive tags to your painting. Type words that best describe your painting (i.e. Watercolor, Painting For Sale, Fine Art, Horse Painting, etc.). Descriptive tags help search engines find your product and place it in front of potential buyers.
  12. Exclusive - Check this box if your artwork is offered exclusively through THE ART MARKET by California Watercolor.

The data for each product that a seller wishes to list on THE ART MARKET must be kept accurate and complete at all times.