An Introduction to THE ART MARKET

Welcome to THE ART MARKET by California Watercolor, a first class marketplace for serious fine artists. 

Our gallery specializes in fine art paintings by famous 20th Century California artists (i.e. Millard Sheets, Emil Kosa Jr., Rex Brandt, Phil Dike, Mary Blair, Phil Paradise, Ken Potter, Hardie Gramatky, and James Patrick to name a few). We started back in the year 2000, and have since built a collection of artwork that receives national, and international attention. The artists on our website are exhibited in major museums on a regular basis, and their popularity only seems to be growing. Many of the talented artists we represent worked for Walt Disney, WB, MGM, or for Hollywood in one way or another, and are now being celebrated for their artistic accomplishments.

We feel this is the perfect time to expand our collection into the 21st Century by representing many of today's best fine artists. If you'd like to be associated with the artists we mentioned above, and exhibit your artwork on an international level, then you should take this opportunity seriously.

To join THE ART MARKET you can simply register for a membership with your name and email. All new artists must first be approved by California Watercolor, so we'll be asking for a few images of your work. Once approved we'll send you an email with instructions on how to set up your PayPal account. We use PayPal to automatically deposit your sales on a weekly basis, so you'll need to have an account.

We charge a small monthly membership fee (from $19.99 - $24.99 per month, the first 30 days are free), and a small percentage of each sale (20%). Consider our monthly fee as an advertising expense, as you'll be exhibiting your artwork to a respected audience of collectors, museum curators, decorators, consultants, artists, and general art enthusiasts. Our day to day audience is equal to that of a major art magazine, but we won't charge nearly as much for our advertising space (i.e. 600.00 for a quarter sheet ad, to 2,300 for a full sheet ad, we know because we've paid!). Our goal is to keep your expenses to an absolute minimum, while still providing you with enormous advertising and sales potential. 

We also have a dedicated following of e-newsletter subscribers. Many of the people in our database are amongst the most important people in the art business. We'll be sending our subscriber base a monthly newsletter with the latest additions to THE ART MARKET, keeping your artwork on the forefront of our collectors minds.

Once you've set up an account you're ready to start exhibiting your paintings. It's really that simple. We hope you join the team and start sharing your art with the world!