• Charles F. Keck and the California Scene, Works in Watercolor

    California Watercolor

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Photos of Charles Keck courtesy of National Watercolor Society archives.

32 pages, limited availability.

25 color illustrations, softcover - $17.00 

The paintings of Charles Keck capture the intriguing ambiance of Los Angeles during one of the most fascinating periods in the city's history. Born in Iowa, Keck relocated to California at the age of seven and quickly assimilated to his adopted home. He attended school at such local fixtures as Fairfax High School and Los Angeles City College. Afterwards he studied art at the Chouinard Art Institute from 1935 to 1938, working under Millard Sheets, Phil Dike and Phil Paradise. Like many artists of the time, he found employment in the movie industry until he was drafted to serve in World War II. When he returned he earned a Masters degree from UCLA and supported his family by teaching art at Lincoln and Garfield High Schools until his retirement. Throughout the 1940s and 1950s he always found time to do the work that interested him most: recording the unique look and stark beauty of the City of Angels.

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