• Charles F. Keck and the California Scene, Works in Gouache and Oil

    California Watercolor

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Charles Keck and the California Scene Vol. 2

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Charles Keck appears on the timeline of Southern California art history at a pivotal moment when there was a changing of the guard under way. In the early 1940s, Keck was at the beginning of his professional career, a freshman talent enjoying the honor of having his works included in juried shows at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, and the Laguna Art Association. By contrast, many of these exhibitions represented the last chapter for well-known veterans such as William Wendt, Edgar Payne, Jack Wilkinson Smith, Donna Schuster, and Jessie Arms Botke, all of whom were in their twilight years, and nearing the end of their professional careers and lives. The plein-air landscape school was fading, and the California watercolor movement was emerging. Along with elders and mentors Millard Sheets, Phil Paradise, Phil Dike, and Barse Miller, Charles Keck was there to usher in the new school of regional California art.

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